Prayer Garment

Prayer Garment

Step 1:    
Measure 60" from top of the head down to the sides (for hand coverage), back and front (for front length). This will be the size of your garment. You will need to
get fabric that is 60" wide for tall adults.

For the top khimar, you will need double the front
length of fabric, plus extra for the head lining and
under chin piece.

For the sarong, you will need 2 meters of fabric.

Step 2:
Refer to the cutting diagram. Fold the fabric, and cut as shown. You will need to cut a 4" square for the under chin, and the head lining. Also cut two 1 1/2" X 12" strips for head ties.

Step 3:
For the sarong, stitch as close as possible along the red line. For convenience, you may add drawstring for the waist. I prefer to tie the waist with a double knot.

For the khimar, prepare the head ties first. Fold the
strips lengthwise so that the edges are hidden. Try to make 2 strips that is not more than 1/2" wide.

Fold the 4" square diagonally and place it under the
chin. Secure with pins, and try it on for size. Once you are satisfied with the placement, mark the point.
Sew from this point to the bottom, as in the diagram
(red line).
Add some gathers on the forehead, about 2" - 4".
Attach the under chin piece, the two strips and add
the head lining. Sew around the face opening. Turn
the head lining inside and fold in the raw edges, and
machine stitch.
Finish the hem with lace, or just fold in the edges and machine stitch.